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Dr. Sarah Forbes 10 years of engineering experience spans research in supersonic propulsion to biomimetic nanotechnology. She began teaching in the evenings at the University of Dayton in Ohio in 1996, while working for the Air Force Research Laboratory.  She moved to California and joined the Engineering Science Department at ImageX University in 2000.

Dr. Forbes interest in sustainability took her to Washington, D.C., in 2007, where she worked in the area of sustainable facilities through an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Technology Policy Fellowship. Upon returning to ImageX University in 2009, her involvement with local organizations enabled her to promote sustainable buildings and development in California.  Dr. Forbes efforts in sustainability education and research earned her the 2013 City of San Diego Green Practitioner of the Year Award.

Dr. Forbes is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of California, an Accredited Professional (AP) in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and an Accredited Professional (AP) in the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA).

Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, The Ohio State University

M.S. in mechanical engineering, The Ohio State University

B.S. in mechanical engineering, The Ohio State University

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School of Engineering



The goals of DBMS including data independence, relationships, logical and physical organizations, schema and subschema. Entity relationship diagrams. Hierarchical, network, and relations models. Data definition and data manipulation languages. Query languages, relational algebra, and relational calculus. Data normalization techniques, data security integrity, and recovery. Case studies of several existing systems.

Level 3
CSCI 2320
Course Sections
Section ID Faculty Member Location Schedule
3330-FALL-1 Sarah Forbes, Ph.D NWB-1 RM202 W/F 10-11am
3330-WINTER-1 Sarah Forbes, Ph.D EWB-1 RM105 T/Th 2-3PM

This course provides an introduction to basic methods of statistics, including descriptive statistics, elementary probability ideas and random variables, distributions of sample averages. One and two sample t-procedures, simple linear regression, basic ANOVA. The target audience is undergraduates from all majors. 

Level 2
MATH 2011 and MATH 3021
Course Sections
Section ID Faculty Member Location Schedule
2011-FALL-1 Sarah Forbes, Ph.D WB-1 RM100A Th 10 AM & F 9AM