June Ellis
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Dr. Ellis directs the Laboratory for Distributed Intelligent Agent Systems at IX University. Her research falls within Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation. Dr. Ellis is an active member of the Society for Modeling & Simulation International. She has been an Associate Editor for the Transactions of Simulation since 2009, and a program co-chair of the Agent-Directed Simulation in the Spring Simulation Multi-Conference since 2008. Since 2011, she has been the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Agent Technologies and Systems (published by IGI Global). From 2012, she has been the Editor-in-Chief of the SCS Newsletter. In 2013, she received the SCS Outstanding Service Award. In 2015, she has been elected as a Director at Large by SCS for a term of three years.

Over the past decade, Dr. Ellis has been published 100+ journal and conference papers, and books and book chapters. She also has been PI or Co-PI on six funded NSF proposals (four as PI).

M.S. in Computer Science, University of California San Diego

Ph.D. University of Denver

School of Arts & Science

Department of English

Department of Computer Sciences

Multi-Agent Simulation

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning



Concept-oriented introduction to programming and algorithmic problem solving principles in relation to computer solutions. Top-down design and analysis of algorithms. Searching and sorting strategies; recursion. Computer organization. Computer programming solutions to several laboratory exercises.

Level 1
Course Sections
Section ID Faculty Member Location Schedule
1320-SUMER-1 June Ellis, Ph.D EWB-2 RM-214 W/F 9:30-!0:30
1320-WINTER-1 June Ellis, Ph.D EWB-2 RM-210 T/F 3-4PM
1320-WINTER-2 Samuel Brown, Ph.D NWB-2 RM-244 M/W 11-12

Applications of statistical techniques to business and economics. Decision making based on sampling theory, parametric tests of significance, simple and multiple regression and correlation, and time series analysis.

Level 2
Course Sections
Section ID Faculty Member Location Schedule
2301-FALL-1 Sunil Singh, Ph.D NWB-2 RM101 Th/T 2-3PM
2301-FALL-2 June Ellis, Ph.D EWB-1 RM233 T/Th 9-10AM
2301-SUMMER-1 June Ellis, Ph.D EWB-1 RM233 T/Th 3-4PM