Having a cold brew malt milkshake at the Reserve Starbucks in Vancouver. Soooooooo good.
1 day ago
Where the sidewalk ends.
2 weeks ago
So beautiful in fall. Seeing the colour change.
2 weeks ago
Just wow. #vallealumina
2 weeks ago
@stryla being mysterious.
2 weeks ago
Out little guy had a small surgery today. He’s all home safe. Such a trooper. @stryla and I are super relieved it all went well.
1 month ago
Some great old pics of my first, long gone, #ae86 at Evergreen Speedway with @robprimo @theangryearl #mattpanichasaflipphone. Some good old days. #2008 #86day. Photos by @gaelenn
2 months ago
Beautiful beaches, awesome trip. #oregonexplored
2 months ago
Morning oasis before the heat. #sharechilliwack
2 months ago
Fog and waves. #oregonexplored
2 months ago
Wave of mutilation.
2 months ago
Can’t wait to show some cool #oregonexplored pictures.
2 months ago
Backyard beer and sun. So good.
3 months ago
First time. The General’s Fried Chicken. @altonbrown #everydaycook It was so good.
4 months ago
On stage by herself for the start of the routine. So proud. Ruby is growing so fast. @stryla
4 months ago
Start here to build out your #HigherEd personas. You can come up with your own names ;) https://t.co/Auj5tAjvkA
With hubbub around #GDPR it's important not to lose sight of your org's #InfoSec. Here's the fundamentals - Confide… https://t.co/FyPmpi3uW8
#OnlineReviews are a key piece of content in the search results. They're key to reputation management whether you'r… https://t.co/lFfdJDlhRN
#Backlinks are a high value SEO tactic. Follow these 5 guidelines to build your backlink profile. https://t.co/GkXTdRr2Hx
The latest release of OpenEDU is now available, on-page editing tools including Support Accessibility Checker https://t.co/Gh83ccI9Nz
#UserResearch pays off. Learn quantitative research methodologies and how to get started making smarter decisions.… https://t.co/TWiIOJIQKq
Your digital experience has a backbone - your user stories should show that. https://t.co/6WK10GsGda
We're proud of clients and their expertise @ymcawnc the first Y in North Carolina approved to provide Medicare… https://t.co/JEg47q81Qc
Mistakes happen. We've all been there. Hopefully the one doesn't have a tremendous impact. Chances are a user won't… https://t.co/6mqqDp7FMM
Not everything thing about Google is #SEO or #SearchMarketing. They recently unveiled their latest contribution to… https://t.co/OekNJNzrcU
The machine is learning. is screen-based search marketing doomed because of the rise of #VoiceSearch? Via… https://t.co/MUR4K1v1O1
Page parking is a common information seeking strategy and user behaviour your should understand. Via @NNgroup https://t.co/nFQTqYuUWD
Google goes where the users are and doing a Google search is actually really easy. It's why they dominate the web &… https://t.co/nCQLiLiypl
The climb to the top of Google must start with content that supports users becoming customers. https://t.co/0rRi2EUSot
With #GDPRcompliance set to roll out, will this actually benefit brands, and help them build better relationships w… https://t.co/jBIMLw948j
2018 Small Business Strategy Survey. Interesting insight in to how small business approaches digital marketing and… https://t.co/siubsH8p9Y
Conversion rate optimization is your key to realizing maximum the ROI of your digital experience. #CRO https://t.co/UcEH9YFRWw
Will AI soon be regulating Internet traffic? They are better at it than humans. https://t.co/haBpjKcK2q
Yes, modern users tend to scroll more than in the past BUT users also spend most of their time about the "fold" - i… https://t.co/jg3xvhG9YH
Managing SEO multiple locations? Send users from a listing for their chosen location to your location landing page… https://t.co/ASpjrOaLeG
Practice #empathy in the workplace. Cultivate openness, understanding, and active listening. https://t.co/lQZrg0uJaR
Over half your visits will bail from your mobile site if it takes too long to load. A #PWA helps to eliminate the f… https://t.co/oliKOgqy88
Google is very good at interpreting users search queries, and understanding what they are searching for. Revisit yo… https://t.co/Rh9uGARiIN
Nobody is at your website or app to gaze lovingly at your navigation. Move users closer to the destination they're… https://t.co/GntnzqddHr
The quality and uniqueness of stimulus in, has a direct impact on the quality and uniqueness of ideas out. Via… https://t.co/LcnuFbPLiW
Don't think your competitors would resort to using negative marketing tactics? https://t.co/2hlNCbZpm1
The human brain is wired for storytelling. @lifehacker shares how we can leverage this. https://t.co/Gqcdjlv425
Getting ready to watch the Predators for free outside. #nashville #playoffs #drupalcon
6 months ago
More Greek #nashville.
6 months ago
Food shot. Just for @stryla. Peg Leg Porker BBQ. Can not wait to get my own smoker. #nashville #drupalcon
6 months ago
Parthenon in #nashville late at night. #drupalcon
6 months ago
Rocky road cronut. #nashville #drupalcon #yummyfood
6 months ago
Hot chicken. #nashville #drupalcon
6 months ago
User Engagement Metric can Impact SEO Make Sure to Monitor These 2 Key Metrics https://t.co/HHY4OQTRFk
Chicago dog. Awesome. #nashville #drupalcon
6 months ago
Subdirectories (folders) or subdomains? An IA question that always gets asked in regards to SEO and digital marketi… https://t.co/vIjn76dtxs
#GoogleAnalytics provides invaluable insights into how people are engaging with your digital experience and the Aud… https://t.co/cqJxLb7MUg
Leadership is something that you step into. Not something that is given or appointed. It something that you take on… https://t.co/MxkoWrLdDO
Data visualization is a key storytelling tool - a skill for marketers to master. Via @CMIContent https://t.co/Ki41WDp4vI
Good morning @stryla
6 months ago
What connects systems to users? It's content, but not just any content. It must be the right content at the right t… https://t.co/PoqsuWq1qz
Is your organization considering an app? If you've not already, make sure to consider #ProgressiveWebApps as a solu… https://t.co/IpHDwIl9vC
Can not believe I tried this. KFC Waffle double down. It has a maple syrup aioli on it. Pretty tasty. Just sooo big.
6 months ago
An interesting look at creating user-friendly forms. Some great insights into best practices. Via @Medium https://t.co/DFeObcPEEd
Is the mental cost you're charging having a negative impact on your conversion rate? Are there steps, or obstacles… https://t.co/CXJXHzUW9I
Is the mental cost you're charging having a negative impact on your conversion rate? Are there steps, or obstacles… https://t.co/AQ5Kn6ihdU
Tinkle, Tinkle, Darth Grayson.
6 months ago
Another step forward for #VoiceSearch and the take over of #AI. Via @ABC Amazon patent for 'voice sniffer algorithm… https://t.co/M2eb3mGRi9
A #VoiceSearch world doesn't mean a world without screens, but what will #ContentMarketing become in voice-first wo… https://t.co/SAIGsettPj
Technology is outpacing our ability to comprehend what we can do with it. Via @CMIContent https://t.co/tAQSDDz0tr
Google recently increased the length of the #MetaDescription - very useful from a marketing perspective. Writer lon… https://t.co/akfmohotpi
How #brave is your brand? User expectation is rising and the cost of their attention with it. Bravery is they only… https://t.co/HZylelhN5N
Grayson helping me Get the yard ready for more yard work. Lol. Service, dump run, the k.hall cleanup, then our yard. Productive day.
6 months ago
It is a correct assumption that any user data is better than no data. Remote moderated testing is a viable (inexpen… https://t.co/04N9kyS5oc
Google confirmed it is using IBM in their data centres, and that POWER9 is #GoogleStrong. https://t.co/Wn2Aqz0VSU
Change is constant and one of the things that is changing rapidly is the use of voice in tech. Understanding & usin… https://t.co/SWOGtkijbZ
Most organization will use some tools. One in specific that can often yield a surprising wealth of insight is… https://t.co/vWSgAx7SKc
The the most effective use of the testimonial content type is how you pair it with other content. https://t.co/hpZefzInMh
ImageX Senior Project Manager Sarah Wall loves to inspire people to crave more from life. Here's an amazing podcast… https://t.co/DzDOfqJ5mj
An amazing mind and incredible human to celebrate. Her legacy is foundational to making this planet a safer place t… https://t.co/yi8DfWFfcu
There are different content types that fit in #SEOCampaigns for different purposes. This Whiteboard Friday from… https://t.co/BEznSzoNvs
If digital advertising platforms, like Facebook, are this easy to manipulate, are they really platforms to entrust… https://t.co/RUNNHmsAi5
Creating engaging #personas starts with #UserResearch. Here are 5 student personas for higher education. https://t.co/VcxgYlJ4V4
Have you got the essentials of online #ReputationManagement covered? It isn't something that just big brands need t… https://t.co/A5udmijZ3N
Build process for this awesome countertop. #zebrawood #webguyrenovating
7 months ago
Have you checked your rankings lately? The #Algorithm update was targeted at under-rewarded pages NOT as a penalty.… https://t.co/PKdUfKzAqr
Great things are happening all over the globe with #Drupal. Here's some good insight from Ivo Radulovski @Segmentshttps://t.co/5U5yYhsvmc
Most IP addresses are not fixed. Using an IP filter in #GoogleAnalytics to block internal traffic can be ineffectiv… https://t.co/ErtEP14ujb
Before (when house purchased), and After the #renovation. The guest bathroom is ready for use. This was my first time tiling. Was quite the experience. Counter top is made from solid zebra wood. Ceiling is painted black by @rybread636. Thanks @rodandiane, @crafted_design, and @aarongrenier, for the advice. And of course thanks for @stryla for saying a pedestal doesn’t work, and putting up with the late nights of me working on the bathroom. #bathroom #subwaytile #webguyrenovating
7 months ago
Focus on These 7 SEO Ranking Signals for Optimal SEO Success https://t.co/akdns1yIDp
The importance of customer satisfaction cannot be over stated. Thank you to our incredible delivery team and thank… https://t.co/pMber9HrHX
What is #LinkBuilding? Learn these two key approaches to Building Links and give your SEO a boast over the long hau… https://t.co/XeupfLYmXh
Great insight on how to give a new Scrum Team the kickstart it deserves. https://t.co/qe0T2FnSQe
First time tiling anything. Went straight to herringbone. Lol. #webguyrenovating @stryla
7 months ago
Tiling the guest bathroom (power room ) wall today. More done, will show it all when completed... coming soon. #webguyrenovating
7 months ago
This year DrupalCon is in Nashville AND we're presenting two sessions! Check it out - https://t.co/ufHD8zGdiR
Demystifying #backlinks. The most important questions about building links for SE0 https://t.co/TGEbffD3XM
Agile software development means building working software Via @Ubiqum https://t.co/f2qxPGuavP
Our team is absolutely critical to the success of ImageX and we truly know how challenging talent acquisition can b… https://t.co/6xO83VGDP8
Do you use Google Adwords heavily? Chrome ad blocking isn't a search ranking signal...but it could be. Thanks for t… https://t.co/xErNhUZDQo
#GoogleAnalytics & #UsabilityTesting are a dynamite duo. Together they can identify what might be causing problems… https://t.co/NRiX43CKBT
What is the future of search engine marketing with rise of AI? https://t.co/NPZGpXiquS
When you're talking Google SEO penalties, make sure it isn't just a week SEO hypotheses founded on nothing more tha… https://t.co/MJoqZ5DgTx
For those who did not see my fireplace Reno completed. Here is a picture. #webguyrenovating
7 months ago
Website speed & performance clearly matters to Google. With customer's experience having stronger weight in the alg… https://t.co/xjT0afwD6t
Learn More About How to Leverage Personalization and Search Engine Rankings https://t.co/IzjmSfWiNH
11 hacks for email productivity that you can pick & choose from and apply to any mail client. https://t.co/PJjGbo5LHt
11 hacks for email productivity that can you can pick and choose and apply to any mail client. https://t.co/PJjGbo5LHt
Couple of hours later.
8 months ago
Making changes to the powder room. Finally.
8 months ago
It's all about the user. If you can keep this as your nu. 1 tenet of #SEO you will achieve the ultimate goal of SEO… https://t.co/yfSI03K3kI
Managing your productivity from day-to-day is actually very simple. Here are 4 tips to maximize your day. https://t.co/4gX0wgO0zp
"Increase in '404' pages" Have you received this message from Google Search Console yet? It's time to get ready for… https://t.co/rWlcvMnOIj
Personas are powerful tools for not only marketing and advertising but also for creating great #DigitalExperiences.… https://t.co/C5UnlW1u5y
Even if you think you know the answer a #UsabilityStudy can be the most compelling argument. https://t.co/aYWkmMHudu
A great contribution by all #Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2018 @drupalua. Shout out to the fantastic ImageX team in… https://t.co/V0bVdwyJKE
ImageX recognized as top creative & design agency in Canada https://t.co/h65cVzROqn
We are thankful to have an incredibly talented team and it because of them that we have loyal clients that act as o… https://t.co/wkvmfHHww0
All the credit goes to our awesome team on incredible delivery. Contgratulations! https://t.co/stxRsi2r0Q
If you have a blog, like we do, you might want to convert more readers into leads, like we do ;) https://t.co/zIAfHPzs83
Is Google's new "Questions and Answers" feature a missed opportunity for local businesses? This case study @Moz wou… https://t.co/70tGflSLdf
Leverage LinkedIn’s free 'website demographics' and gain insight from professional demographic data. Here's how to… https://t.co/93Dihu5ZqW
Sign up forms are a critical part of the digital experience. They can have significant business impact. These 18 UX… https://t.co/gZdWwjPHmY
Which content types are producing the ROI for your content marketing strategy? https://t.co/ZIUNyua1y4
Change the pace of creation and innovation within your team. Your comprehensive guide to #DesignSystems. Via… https://t.co/GzP6MGAUSd
Have you checked your log files lately? With #MobileFirst indexing poised Google's primary method of indexing you s… https://t.co/B9Q9CRz8F9
UX signals matter for your visibility in Google. Heres a solid introduction of Google RankBrain https://t.co/wJyiMJHASV
#UserJourneys are critical to marketing and the success of your digital experience. Google Analytics shares new way… https://t.co/jqv9LYzI0c
Love Google or not...they don't just make mad coin from selling ads. https://t.co/6g8hPFVQjZ
The digital landscape doesn't have pesky international boundaries when it comes to #PersonalData #GDPR Is your… https://t.co/HthjLlhhHn
Is it time to rethink your brand? You don't have to be a designer to get how colours be evoke sentiments. https://t.co/HW9eUhYq97
Consistency throughout the entire user experience will not only enable users to feel familiar with your digital exp… https://t.co/luSTa3vmdp
Are you one of those self-prescribed multitaskers? Maybe try prescribing to #mindfulness. https://t.co/UJ5yqpspDM
#PageSpeed matters and it can impact user experience and organic traffic - take site speed seriously. https://t.co/BVCC4vAxjK
Everyone involved in the creation of digital experiences have to think holistic. Via @uxplanetorg https://t.co/NCyYzvoblQ
Maybe this is really the year of #mobilgedon? Google is going to just use the mobile version of your site for ranki… https://t.co/KsWPgy6ZvT
Why would smart speaker sales vastly outpace wearables and VR last year? Via @sengineland https://t.co/ccKVmSyNOG
It's not personal, it's just business. Isn't it? #EmpathyMapping will take UX teams to another level and radically… https://t.co/6BfmQu5OXV
What fundamentals of your digital experience are closest to your core transactions? Here's how 3 major brands user… https://t.co/upLBUnezll
Selecting an agency partner for your #DigitalExperience is actually straightforward - here's insight into how. https://t.co/asq1dwqHKi
What's all this business about 'eyes-free' technology? 2018 is going to mark a year of big change for marketers and… https://t.co/3apKYT8QAg
Get ahead of the curve and start optimizing for #VoiceSearch now. Here's our article on optimizing content for voic… https://t.co/SnAXTeFz0O
ImageX teams in Vancouver and Kiev celebrated a fantastic 2017 this past weekend! Thank you to our entire team for… https://t.co/WiKOauKrVs
Does your brand have a policy regarding taking social and political positions? https://t.co/YQ75AI7r7u
Google Analytics can be a powerful tool and when used effectively can be a key place to find actionable, cross-chan… https://t.co/hCVegi1BVL
What appears about the fold is what signals to the user if they should scroll. Use the fold strategically and engag… https://t.co/1njS5H5JT6
Voice search represented 20% of queries on Google's mobile app. It actually means #KeywordResearch is more importan… https://t.co/qGWbVEXJxw
Beautiful images, quickly. A super collection of image resources by @hootsuite. If you're just looking for… https://t.co/nvf9dttvoi
When it comes to keyword research keep your focus on user intent. Here's some SEO survival tips for content markete… https://t.co/xDxHcqEVWn
#Backlinks are still a very important overall #SEO ranking signal but don't let bad backlinks come up and bite you… https://t.co/hp9xLF34Xs
An often overlooked #SEO opportunity is in the development of a #LocalSEO strategy. Via @Moz https://t.co/jLI8F80aDL
Maybe you're considering looking at your SEO a little closer this year, or even hiring someone to help. Start here… https://t.co/um2V8SNVcK
Engagement is an important indicator of how well your digital experience is performing. Here are 6 key engagement m… https://t.co/IVN4aVpNZz
Digital advertising is going to get increasingly personalized in 2018. Here's some other trends to keep an eye on v… https://t.co/amkIavp92p
Would your organization benefit from going headless? Learn more a #HeadlessCMS or #DecoupledCMS approach for conten… https://t.co/Am4UF2Kr1o
For a change of pace try signing off your emails a little differently next time - Later, Vader. https://t.co/TuBk6eP33E
Nitro Cold Brew, Meat and Cheese plates, ice cream. This Starbucks is rad. @stryla
9 months ago
For many organizations #DigitalTransformation is reality. Here are four digital transformation secrets, revealed vi… https://t.co/IeowGPYm9W
#Heuristics & UX design principles aren't necessarily hard and fast rules to follow, but they play a major role in… https://t.co/RmsHiUfuMb
Ice Cream at 9pm. #lacasagelato
9 months ago
You need to manage your #SEOBacklinks, but use caution. Disavowing backlinks can harm your website ranking if done… https://t.co/6YQGnknCoY
Think of #SEObacklinks like this: If you're not feeling well, who do you trust more, advice from five doctors or 50… https://t.co/EX9y2XNdzr
From esoteric to a main value driver of the future economy - the real growth of #UX is still to come. via @NNgroup https://t.co/Aq4mf3Ma40
Interested in upping your teams effectiveness and productivity? Here's 5 key dynamics that set successful teams apa… https://t.co/EavLzXOjMe
We've been sharing about design psychology and #UI heuristics so here's a good one about the use of #GoldenRatio in… https://t.co/LrkcQmNktb
Did you know that in designing a great #DigitalExperience the psychology of shapes can play a pivotal role? What sh… https://t.co/lxMgIQDHeR
Tech evolutions like #AI, #ML and #VR are impacting almost every aspect of our lives and businesses. What you need… https://t.co/UfQHhaGFta
The rise of mobile drives the need for local SEO. Here are 10 of the most popular #LocalSEO articles to read via… https://t.co/pmPDG9oODm
FAQs are underutilize content assets and have tremendous potential. Learn how you can leverage them now for a great… https://t.co/qGtwBUz7ML
Inhale the future. Exhale the past. Interesting digital experience predictions for 2018. https://t.co/bwvw4dwJ8b
Thank you to our amazing team, and incredible clients. We hope all the best in 2018! https://t.co/P8LAhwxR13
If you're not in a scramble, maybe you should be? Google Confirms the Maccabees Algorithm Update - https://t.co/TevjvgIWll
#NPS is it good or bad? The math does appear wacky. What's your take? https://t.co/sGPLTs92IH
I have been wanting one of these, the SNES Classic, for a while now. My local EB Games had one, and I snagged it. Still want the NES Classic. Super happy #retrogaming. Thanks @stryla for letting me get it.
9 months ago
It's time to define a mobile website optimization strategy & here's a load of stats why https://t.co/3qJa5bAUUf
You can't ignore #MobileSEO it is a critical component of your search marketing strategy. An introduction to #SEO f… https://t.co/TIjn9mYY80
Follow these usability 'rules of thumbs' and avoid critical flaws that could impact your digital experience. https://t.co/eOHrhC7d4K
The Best Prototyping Tools for 2018 via @AWWWARDS Start with prototyping your current digital experience. https://t.co/mSmfi9bbqy
11 exciting new features from #GA and #GTM, like the scroll tracking trigger for GTM. https://t.co/YXBnrMEMLW
When creating content for your digital experience if you're writing for specialists or domain experts you still nee… https://t.co/onqHPDDpTQ
Why invest in prototyping a new website isn't the first place to start. 2 min video via @NNgroup https://t.co/9Jr2x3lYMe
Getting in the mood for tomorrow. #empirestrikesback with @rybread636
10 months ago
Users prefer to ignore decorative images and when used in zigzag layout they are actually detrimental to scanning.… https://t.co/t0YsxJ46Xs
We're living in a storm of information where #ContentFatigue is a genuine concern andcontent marketers have to look… https://t.co/tToFofdplu
There are many factors that influence the success of a digital experience. How users respond to your digital experi… https://t.co/CpTWIu9Pwb
With 51% of internet visits taking place on a mobile device and it going up 25% year-on-year it's time to start cre… https://t.co/hIGenC0sXD
BC's Tech Industry is strong and growing faster thank the province's entire economy at 6% per year. Interactive & d… https://t.co/pHFVfC9dzr
This was written for financial marketing executives, but is as relevant for higher education, information technolog… https://t.co/u6ymgibUui
The primary goal of SEO should be to rank well over time. Here are some subtle #SEOtactics you shouldn't overlook - https://t.co/hV2dtn6aBG
#ContentFatigue is a real concern for organizations that place importance on #ContentMarketing. As a new year appro… https://t.co/My03iE2aRo
Google got seriously sophisticated algorithmically ferreting out link spam way back in 2012. #BackLinks are a funda… https://t.co/WrV3w3jFmz
Annoying little insects may help drive the future of computer system searches. https://t.co/ikEvqo8MRA
Don't forget who you're creating your content for. Heads up, it's not for machines! There are serious dangers inher… https://t.co/84tfTFtDjV
STOP making content for machines. All year long when we've worked with client on #SEO we've been saying the same th… https://t.co/3QPOeYZ0oh
It's time to start including direct answer type content into your strategy. Google is expanding the depth of univer… https://t.co/XPLmJVsA0K
We love #UX and there's no reason not to - UX impacts the bottom-line after all. Here's 10 stats demonstrating the… https://t.co/9id5M3l5wh
Understanding user experience metrics can help you to more successfully introduce UX into your organization. Here a… https://t.co/R0y22Ih9qj
Good user experience makes sense. Attract new customers and keep the ones you already have. Great UX/ROI… https://t.co/65mi6XkBdu
Big announcement from our friends @acquia - all things CANADA and @Drupal. The north is seeing tremendous uptake in… https://t.co/kGMIeE35E3
What has been learned about #UX in the past decade? Has it really had a beneficial impact on the way we experience… https://t.co/xnWQA3OlnG
#Personalization and customization are not the same thing. Personalization gives control to the website. Customizat… https://t.co/tDBDqIWLlI
If you've invested in AMP pages your probably want to know if it was worth it. Now you can with Google Analytics. https://t.co/NoeE1WqjCE
Stop pitch slapping your target audience. Award-wining advertiser @rontite shares genius insight into creating con… https://t.co/2DjSLIe4yH
Great mobile creative and personalized content lifts engagement, but you still need a solid check-out experience an… https://t.co/HJYc9CLJge
Mobile designs need to do more than shrink a desktop experience to a smaller screen: they must create innovative, i… https://t.co/nB39GPYHtI
Is your digital experience failing? Clustering related items helps users of websites and intranets scan and digest… https://t.co/Eae7W5KCRi
Review stars in the Google SERP improve click-through rates. Here's the proof and original study. Via @conversionxl https://t.co/3J45WyLRXE
Better, fresher and faster. Some Google updates aren't about SEO ranking. Google's Caffeine wasn't an algorithm upd… https://t.co/x0PHdw6cQg
#MachineLearning is being used in amazing ways in business and education, but without an ethical framework will #AIhttps://t.co/CEJYEIDOR8
Some really actionable insight for UX and information designers. https://t.co/UlTinGdVhk
Ever wonder why phone numbers chunked up using a (-)? It's basic cognitive psychology. Enhance #UX by creating mean… https://t.co/VqOa7HPPao
#Agile development - check. Agile design - check. Agile content - HOLD ON. Agile development practices can only ben… https://t.co/tMISOesXW5
With SEO we mostly talk about Google. It owns 80% of the market, but don't forget about Bing & Yahoo. Depending on… https://t.co/zcbrbjdzR6
"Using The Factory Method Brings Order to Digital Chaos" - Using @openeduapp and @acquia SiteFactory for #HigherEdhttps://t.co/IPnFifMtol
SEO has changed dramatically over the years. A really good visual representation of this is in the evolution of the… https://t.co/SJkMsUb2O3
UX-U=X It's kindergarten math. You simply can't claim user-centric design and exclude users form the development pr… https://t.co/vi1buZvlqx
Keep your eye on #AI. How is it going to impact your industry? https://t.co/fTlkHNrW7J
Great infographic (& the research behind it) highlighting B2B digital marketing. Some key parallels with B2C market… https://t.co/7BPtvg07Vz
The Google results page #SERP has morphed over the years and understanding it is key to successful… https://t.co/QM6VCUR6JD
Awesome 2 min video by usability demigod @fakeuseit. Great mistake to judge by surface appearance. Deep design = ho… https://t.co/ljrClSZr8F
Some organizations share a good deal of tabular data content, like @FraserInstitute and their Economic Freedom map.… https://t.co/BTvrDfSAIE
Build trust, authority, and loyalty through an effective content strategy. Start by focusing on what the target aud… https://t.co/3Ai96EkMZQ
Grade 1. Getting so big.
11 months ago
#SEOtip of the day: Make the most of onpage SEO and avoid using stop words in the Title tag and H1 https://t.co/PswhQg2sZo
Practical landing page optimization dramatically boosts conversions & requires very little effort @nightwatch_io https://t.co/CsK0X8GmEI
Content migration is one of the building blocks of a good platform transition. #Drupal #SEO
User engagement might one day be a direct used as ranking a ranking signal, but until then don't ignore it @Pubcon https://t.co/vrqwWOKrHp
Think. Make. Create. The UX Process: What It Is, What It Looks Like and Why It’s Important. Via @creativecloud https://t.co/vStTawLEcj
Last day about to start at #MemForum @ymca. Come down to the opening reception to grab an OpenY case study https://t.co/NlqERnWWmI
The perfect team. Both are committed to delivering great experience during the user journey. Why UX+SEO=$. https://t.co/jbAMluUtMa
Collaboration is the key. SEO & UX experts can learn from one another to the benefit of a great website project. https://t.co/eb7desoHAe
"I can save cost capitalizing on the #UX work other Y's have done and incorporated into @openymca" @YMCASeattlehttps://t.co/h4XCVIpfQD
Content isn't just a means to feed campaigns. #Contentmarketing must add more value to an organization. @CMIContent https://t.co/LLjoiFNA5R
View from my seat at Starbucks. Winter is full on in the mountains. Beautiful and amazing. #sharechilliwack
11 months ago
UX mapping ads value to an organization. Here's a great intro to four types and how they bring benefit via @NNgroup https://t.co/BSIN0bnDdZ
#contentmarketing is an key part of a marketing strategy. Make sure your content helps not hurts. Via @Forbes https://t.co/5LToXAtSnO
Should the education of those who'll determine the future be in the hands of artificial intelligence? Via @guardian https://t.co/UlNVPN5eHq
Safely extending Drupal 8 plugin classes without fear of constructor changes. Via @PreviousNext https://t.co/NI6c8teZjE
Our attempt at the Earls Caesar. @stryla
11 months ago
Mobile is transforming B2B. It drives, or influences over 40% of revenue in leading B2B organizations. https://t.co/XjKTxcTmda
Use just enough prototyping to represent interaction along with more exhaustive documents like written specs. https://t.co/Asn4IlbvRN
#DigitalTransformation what does it really mean? Here's a few definitions related to the notion from @lefep https://t.co/89CWvi2GKo
Will IT leaders, organizations, and teams innovate fast enough to truly capitalize on the IoT? https://t.co/tPzXomhSPd
IoT & AI drive the future of digital transformation, but where should your organization being investing? https://t.co/7i2Xgfk3Q1
Design for optimal content consumption. Adhere to design conventions and create award winning experiences. https://t.co/kW9pGgtKWt
Zero UX testing = zero insights. Some testing = some insight. Testing is critical. Learn to do it with only 5 users. https://t.co/MtZYSV7dVi
Considering flat design for your next website? Start here first with a Flat-Design Eyetracking Study by @NNgroup https://t.co/v8M5XAWFZd
Are you missing the boat? Google review starts do help click-through. Check out this original found @conversionxl https://t.co/HcSdYaYDDb
So much was shared & learned at Engage! Acquia Journey, @OPENPediatrics, OpenY and more. Awesome hosts @acquia! https://t.co/FKEqkWUh47
The Buyer Journey Exists The User Journey is Crafted. Understand both to create exceptional web experiences. https://t.co/8C4LPoh9Un
Are you an #agilists? Don't forget digital transformation is not a destination. Great, quick read from @Econsultancy https://t.co/mlcB2wMIX9
ImageX & DrupalCamp Lutsk 2017 with CodeSprints for Drupal Core, OpenEDU and OpenY https://t.co/b6Xdr1BBkc
Include #SEO at every phase of a #websitedesign project starting with an onsite SEO audit https://t.co/SojpCCO4An
QA isn't just running tests. It's helping to make decisions that deliver better products, on time and in scope. https://t.co/hU7ZPoBDlW
The same algorithm is used for all the results in Google. The top 10 results are just way more competitive. https://t.co/5TnX114UJG
Georgia Tech goes #ai with teacher's assistance Jill Watson. What is the future of #highered? https://t.co/TpQ5robW3S
Start here if you or your team are new to the concept of open source software developement https://t.co/ReX0PewusH
SEO is evolving, and understanding searcher intent is becoming more important than ever thanks to #RankBrain https://t.co/IOcKAF0AHt
Is it the information architecture or the navigation design that is impacting usability? IA & UI research can help. https://t.co/GjsgPRaf8P
#angularjs is awesome for dynamic web apps. Here we used it for the Economic Freedom Map for @FraserInstitute https://t.co/cYE5CFrABe
Harness the powers of concentration and dramatically improve effectiveness. Great tips from @evernote https://t.co/7uKMGYTvNd
OpenEDU Q&A with Trinity University, Acquia & ImageX A Drupal 8 Distribution to Jumpstart Higher Education Websites https://t.co/Td8kV7oiBT
Sometimes SEO ranking is wildly inaccurate - here's why! Don't forget to download Search Simulator by Nightwatch https://t.co/vUfXrtStUU
Forget Incognito VPNs & proxies. Simulation & save unbiased search requests on Google directly from your browse. https://t.co/IZLHrvPeBa
Cloud infrastructures will suffer at least 60% fewer security breaches than the traditional data centres. https://t.co/tMT2czbOJP
Finally finishing this. Walls on this weekend.
1 year ago
7 essential steps to make yourself hack-proof. Google yourself to get started. https://t.co/4HvOqIeEXb
HTTPS isn't just for handling sensitive communication. Here's 3 key reasons to move to HTTPS https://t.co/nA9BSHQbAu
10 astonishing smartphone facts from the Pew Research Center https://t.co/UvMM7RHC3Y
Learn how programmatic helps brands find and reach their audience in whatever way is most effective | https://t.co/mApdhwJLe8
Artificial intelligence applications go cloud-based to deploy AI into "real businesses and society" a https://t.co/aGAQoKYJ7s
Drupal 8 core (8.1+) has 3 new modules for migrating. Learn more about preparing for upgrading and known issues. https://t.co/WGG5Or0LyZ
Site migrations have many technical parts. Don't forget SEO! Avoid disaster by incorporating these SEO and UX tips. https://t.co/Dtbxcgczma
Understanding the essential SEO misconceptions & how to deal with them | ImageX https://t.co/nGHsG8nAo9
Build amazing digital experiences with Drupal 8. Here's 12 reasons to join the movement today | https://t.co/jk77eM5jM0
The key to XML #sitemaps: Details matter. Fluff does not. Start with a well-organized sitemap index page https://t.co/W3i5WOo9P6
Need to get your head around structured data or help someones understand it. Check out Moz's 2-part beginner's guide https://t.co/esUjq2FYF1
Incase you missed it Google shapes a mobile first world. Start using AMP landing pages for AdWords campaigns | https://t.co/9DEtdDq6tK
With user testing what are the differences between quantitative & qualitative research and how can they be used? https://t.co/ddUYpXBgoh
Demonstrate your leadership & get feedback with Twitter chats. Successfully host a one with this step-by-step | https://t.co/5lsu88NHKG
At least one more year for Drupal in Europe | The Future is Bright for Drupal – @adshill – Medium https://t.co/u6I0xuRrLR
UX testing is good business. It can be done cost-effectively with max ROI. Read this scrappy entrepreneur's guide https://t.co/3oTudEfA1y
Here's a little fun with a nice collection of pumpkins, spooky fellows & fall inspiration for your desktop https://t.co/BLhVLDuVBm
@stryla made some awesome salad for supper. Beets from the garden too.
1 year ago
Google and Awwwards join forces to advance mobile excellence. Does your site deserve a mobile excellence badge? https://t.co/jQLrg0xBUm
Your website visitor want feel in control of their experience. Is your website creating a positive brand experience? https://t.co/pmoS57ikcT
Are #highered webinar is coming up fast! Learn about the only #Drupal 8 distro for highered, OpenEDU. @acquiahttps://t.co/zoGwVYVJws
Very excited to announce we'll be presenting at the @ymca #OpenY Summit this month. Sneak peak at the "retention ca… https://t.co/bwtmr4kmP9
A cool piece of code that could add a little flair to how your content gets presented | via @codrops https://t.co/Y63TzMBbs9
Flat interfaces require more effort from users. Read the results of this eyetracking experiment by @NNgroup https://t.co/08kSYqG0bX
A lot of businesses use AdWords but don't have huge budgets. Compete with the big spenders without spending more $ https://t.co/h4FkirQF1Q
Standard image sizes for major social networks & 13 easy ways to enhance social media profiles via @hootsuite | https://t.co/W9DlElMm7z
Mobile website optimization guide (stop frustrating mobile users) 4,000 words of mobile optimization goodness https://t.co/Z64pi7huMz
10 rock solid SEO warnings & tips straight from Google. #mustread for anyone concerned about their website's #SEO https://t.co/4txWa4J1tT
Don't underestimate your most valuable business asset - your people. https://t.co/oHVL254Li5 | ImageX https://t.co/K0XTL2ecWk
How fast can technology change the world? @elonmusk what else can students with small budgets accomplish? #futurenow https://t.co/rnpGJ4FJPx
Has your organization been lulled into a false sense of security? Phishing scams plague organizations - Learn more https://t.co/V9FVohB7ZI
Is your target audience really too busy or is your content just irrelevant? https://t.co/1l9xujBtwG
Cooking up a batch of infographics? Make sure to include these 7 key ingredients https://t.co/5R0OWDCXm7
Leveraging shared events to market your brand. Next opportunity...2024 https://t.co/KH43MbbuEG
Why your brand should obsess over its customers, not its competitors https://t.co/1bRxtV2VMT
#Drupal8 migration framework quite possibly the most useful features to ship with the core @ygerasimov https://t.co/f6Ra1KQWqr
Reputation Management is Critical to Online Success | ImageX https://t.co/fTXgK3TV3o
You've got great content. Now here's 5 Ways to Amplify it & reach your audience at different stages in the funnel https://t.co/hzXLWvXOli
Google Search Console is essential for keeping the pulse on your website. https://t.co/IctsO0eWAe
If you haven't yet you should submit your website to search engines...or does it really matter? https://t.co/jiQOjhKygz
Push notifications can increase user engagement. Here are some examples of how to do it right via @Kissmetrics https://t.co/eC87jtZbwh
3 second load time for a mobile site = +50% abandonment. Avoid this with a progressive web app Via @ThinkwithGoogle https://t.co/KVpB1dIRyx
What do dinosaurs and display ads have in common? Hint: dinosaurs are extinct. Is it time to go #native? https://t.co/bdTDIH2W1A
Not having a website that meets the needs of disabled users is like leaving money on the table https://t.co/uL9TbMsiQp
Learn how these brands leverage empathy to connect with audiences with amazing efficiency via @Econsultancy https://t.co/WxS8Fd6B59
Practical solutions for scaling up from mobile to desktop. The key: show more things, not just bigger things https://t.co/TVQkGy16gf
Just one or two positions lower than your largest direct competitor can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue. https://t.co/lJg9nH6wpo
Ever been tricked by #typosquatting? Maybe not illegal but it can take you places your didn't want to go https://t.co/met2rD4CrU
Is the web really meaningful? Help us make it that way with schema markup. https://t.co/USsk87Q4l8 https://t.co/tKp8Poi3EO
Not using structured data? Here's one more reason it's time to re-evaluate structured data. via @econsultancy https://t.co/VgBWlPjDfr
Three new reviews on @clutch_co - A high-tech firm, an international non-profit and a historic University!… https://t.co/nqI12scplL
Technologies need time to mature. Personalization isn't fully functional and here's why via @CrazyEgg https://t.co/w9nZQz1Ks4
Ignore the hype but not the opportunity that #AI offers. 3 things you should do to prepare for the AI revolution. https://t.co/Jr53l0w8dz
Tap into the hidden power of employee advocacy and amplify your marketing results https://t.co/UWARdTRGu1 via @curata
We create insane amounts of data. A lot happens in 60 sec & this great infographic breaks it down https://t.co/aggTPypG1g via @domotalk
Mobile web, or mobile app? Just when you think you know the answer...PWA comes along. what is a Progressive Web App? https://t.co/qAOoxrd97g
Chatbots use AI & ML, and they can really help marketers with their digital advertising via @Marketingland https://t.co/moUUFIyE6q
Does your school have a plan for using social to alert faculty & staff of an emergency? You should & here's why https://t.co/BNxWf8dx0M
Technology engages students and inspires informed conversations. Via @centerdigitaled https://t.co/cBTmoGCk85
Effective university websites improve conversions, credibility, user satisfaction, & save time & money. via @nngroup https://t.co/PJvXvXLf4A
Fraser Institute Economic Freedom Map: Creative use of technology to solve for specific requirements - A Case Study. https://t.co/gQhJHZJLsM
Garden treasures. #homegrown #sharechilliwack
1 year ago
Even if you're not a UX pro usability should be at the top of mind for marketers, site admins and webmasters. https://t.co/iZF27S51kN
Thinking about making an app! Check this out first because maybe an app isn't a good idea. via @Recode https://t.co/wNDyD4v2cN
Google's Gary Illyes #DYK Tweets #SEO Knowledge. You might know some of this, but it's a worthy 3 min of your life. https://t.co/aIEv6k6YgZ
Via @Kissmetrics Great stats that drive home the need to optimize your site's page load times. https://t.co/ITVkIJK4dQ
New research & fresh insight into how consumers respond to your brand on social via @smexaminer https://t.co/U3bNIcuVpr
We're proud to announce another client review on @clutch_co, this time an internationally revered non-profit… https://t.co/KSSkjul9Qf
Did you know Google Image searches represent 26.79% of all searches? Start optimizing images. via @sengineland https://t.co/RH8jPvxjs2
Help me faster. Know me better. Wow me everywhere. This is what your audience is saying - just look at the data. https://t.co/Qm2TVg1Sz9
Super for user experience, so easy to do. Learn how to use 'time tags' to help users navigate your Youtube videos https://t.co/FyBfazftM5
Gray is trying to play some classic #nintendo on the #retropie.
1 year ago
Enjoying the Hot Cheese Corned Beef at the new White Pearl Cafe on Promontory. So good. #chilliwack #sharechilliwack
1 year ago
Acquia's first decade: the founding story | Dries Buytaert https://t.co/mtoUgeVKwL
Retargeting can increase conversions by 150%+. Are you missing out a great opportunity to re-engage your audience? https://t.co/ymiaq7odAE
It's time to start looking at how to do SEO for voice search - learn more. https://t.co/RLEqMmFltg
There's a difference between customization and personalization. Learn more about how to personalize a Drupal site https://t.co/J6peH0sLrl
Follow Benjamin Franklin's practice add some slack time to your day so that you have room to always be learning. https://t.co/beIvqgBtko
Had a great time at the Lee wedding. It was awesome that Ruby was able to go. Was feeling not good this morning. Thanks guys.
1 year ago
Evaluate your site to & focus your data analysis by putting yourself in your customers shoes. Via @MktgExperiments https://t.co/SGG7DP5B0d
Study finds presentations using visual aids are 43% more persuasive than unaided ones. Via @conversionxl https://t.co/qmrdNBx5D2
As we boldly(blindly?) march to a future of wearables, AI, and driverless cars there are some challenging paradigm shifts coming our way.
The role of the CIO is to ensure goals are being fulfilled with the best use of technology Via EdTechReview https://t.co/YMqrptfczg
Mobile Friendly Website More Important Than Ever via ImageX https://t.co/FzwxKOGn8R
RT @MktgExperiments. Put yourself in your customers shoes and never forget that it's all about people https://t.co/pFIX9rDWAV
Is your Google Analytics data tainted? Learn how to clean up referral spam and unwanted traffic that skews the data. https://t.co/yRd2YKDsTk
Social Media can be a powerful tool for higher education institutions from recruiting new students to public safety https://t.co/H65w75kGSl
Dropdown boxes and menus are overused & clunky but can be useful. A great guide to designing dropdowns via @NNgroup https://t.co/0WDvPuRD7h
A single high-ranking page can show up in multiple SERPs. Learn more about how to rank a page for multiple keywords https://t.co/JkVfu0AMVj
As the customer journey extends across mobile, social and messaging, marketing has had to adapt. via @Marketingland https://t.co/vCrr8Lbpft
OpenEDU, a #Drupal 8 distribution built for #highered, backed by two leaders in the #EDU space. Check it out! https://t.co/LJMlaqB81H
Movie-time and snacks with the family. #legobatmanmovie
1 year ago
Effective meta descriptions are fundamental to SEO. Learn what makes a good meta description & some common problems. https://t.co/GlcfnWCsoR
When will you be Tax Free? Calculate your personal tax freedom day. https://t.co/5AT9Oc2OXs
We've had an incredible response to OpenEDU, our #Drupal 8 #highered distro. Now we need input on the next release!… https://t.co/URwE7OnIb9
Google's event search feature on app & mobile web AND a guide for optimizing your events https://t.co/k3Uo7d3UHQ
Google doesn't use social for SEO ranking, but social can produce positive results for your SEO. Via @sejournal https://t.co/qaUpoITGLE
Another great Whiteboard Friday from @randfish Should SEOs Care About Internal Links? https://t.co/p6mvdqEqem
Ruby had her ballet recital today. So proud of her. @stryla
1 year ago
The #Paparazzi just can't get enough of celebrities and their kids. @stryla
1 year ago
Netflix uses an AI to make movie posters and then the AI runs A/B tests to optimize the content?! https://t.co/rJeShOnstk
AI is progressively becoming a fundamental part of many business strategies. https://t.co/NLogwlPQ22 via @Econsultancy
Morning espresso. Messy hair. What is the issue? @stryla our children are cuties.
1 year ago
Copywriting and UX go hand-in-hand. Thanks for sharing a great article @shanelle_mullin https://t.co/xkrNGBipaM
Build trust, credibility & enhance relationships with your target audience. Use this secret tactic #UGC via @curata https://t.co/E1TrqCHlth
Need some help simplifying an idea so that you can clearly communicate it? Enlist some four-year-olds. via @Medium https://t.co/LcX8kxso1w
Consumer driven trend forcing a shift for brand marketing from 'mobile-first' to 'mobile-only' via @Econsultancy https://t.co/h0cz4TQ3Mi
#bigdata helps brands create the types of content & experiences their audiences want #personalization via @convince https://t.co/nhQo9tubmz
We collect Starbucks #youareherecollection mugs. A friend brought one for us from a far away land. Awesome.
1 year ago
Google's next push toward increased security. Collecting any kind of data on your site? Move to HTTPS don't wait! https://t.co/4kP0SzBSwh
The Art of Thought Control. If you missed Sarah's session a #DrupalCon check out her slides. https://t.co/e6tA95uP4u
The #SEO royalty #ContentisKing and #keywords the Queen. SEO isn’t magic, it’s knowing what to do. https://t.co/Ji4Pi4ir8m
Kiosk and Projector at Science World Vancouver that I built the software for. Super cool project. Thanks @aarongrenier for the picture.
1 year ago
Custom bike repairs. All makes and models. @stryla's old bike getting ready for the season. @rodandiane
1 year ago
5 Modern Content Marketing Best Practices for Getting Found https://t.co/9zvgNcLZ1Q
#ymca Code Sprint at #drupalcon happening now! Participate in real Drupal 8 dev. All skill levels 309-310 FRI 9A-6P
DO NOT skip these 2 essential steps when looking for the right agency partner. https://t.co/v0OD7JOscO
#ymca Code Sprint at #drupalcon. Learn about the distro Dries likes & participate in real Drupal 8 dev. All skill levels 309-310 FRI 9A-6P
People WILL NOT read your website content, they'll scan it. 7 Tips for Presenting Bulleted Lists in Digital Content https://t.co/RihhkEP7Mc
Hey @DrupalConNA - @Trinity_U @imagex_media really got into the spirit of Baltimore. You can only ask questions whe… https://t.co/VmKG80Xo4O
A good breakdown of responisve navigation patterns, why they work and where you might use them. https://t.co/ZkXaxKZbB1
Forget about screen size and focus on the psychology behind mobile behaviours. https://t.co/kHbv9ti9An
SPOTTED! #UX fan girl @estum1 giddy with excitement over the topic of personalization @Trinity_U https://t.co/tx6UBoZqVG