Is your Google Analytics data tainted? Learn how to clean up referral spam and unwanted traffic that skews the data.
Social Media can be a powerful tool for higher education institutions from recruiting new students to public safety
Dropdown boxes and menus are overused & clunky but can be useful. A great guide to designing dropdowns via @NNgroup
A single high-ranking page can show up in multiple SERPs. Learn more about how to rank a page for multiple keywords
As the customer journey extends across mobile, social and messaging, marketing has had to adapt. via @Marketingland
OpenEDU, a #Drupal 8 distribution built for #highered, backed by two leaders in the #EDU space. Check it out!
Movie-time and snacks with the family. #legobatmanmovie
1 week ago
Effective meta descriptions are fundamental to SEO. Learn what makes a good meta description & some common problems.
When will you be Tax Free? Calculate your personal tax freedom day.
We've had an incredible response to OpenEDU, our #Drupal 8 #highered distro. Now we need input on the next release!…
Google's event search feature on app & mobile web AND a guide for optimizing your events
Google doesn't use social for SEO ranking, but social can produce positive results for your SEO. Via @sejournal
Another great Whiteboard Friday from @randfish Should SEOs Care About Internal Links?
Ruby had her ballet recital today. So proud of her. @stryla
3 weeks ago
The #Paparazzi just can't get enough of celebrities and their kids. @stryla
4 weeks ago
Netflix uses an AI to make movie posters and then the AI runs A/B tests to optimize the content?!
AI is progressively becoming a fundamental part of many business strategies. via @Econsultancy
Morning espresso. Messy hair. What is the issue? @stryla our children are cuties.
1 month ago
Copywriting and UX go hand-in-hand. Thanks for sharing a great article @shanelle_mullin
Build trust, credibility & enhance relationships with your target audience. Use this secret tactic #UGC via @curata
Need some help simplifying an idea so that you can clearly communicate it? Enlist some four-year-olds. via @Medium
Consumer driven trend forcing a shift for brand marketing from 'mobile-first' to 'mobile-only' via @Econsultancy
#bigdata helps brands create the types of content & experiences their audiences want #personalization via @convince
We collect Starbucks #youareherecollection mugs. A friend brought one for us from a far away land. Awesome.
1 month ago
Google's next push toward increased security. Collecting any kind of data on your site? Move to HTTPS don't wait!
The Art of Thought Control. If you missed Sarah's session a #DrupalCon check out her slides.
The #SEO royalty #ContentisKing and #keywords the Queen. SEO isn’t magic, it’s knowing what to do.
Kiosk and Projector at Science World Vancouver that I built the software for. Super cool project. Thanks @aarongrenier for the picture.
1 month ago
Custom bike repairs. All makes and models. @stryla's old bike getting ready for the season. @rodandiane
1 month ago
5 Modern Content Marketing Best Practices for Getting Found
#ymca Code Sprint at #drupalcon happening now! Participate in real Drupal 8 dev. All skill levels 309-310 FRI 9A-6P
DO NOT skip these 2 essential steps when looking for the right agency partner.
#ymca Code Sprint at #drupalcon. Learn about the distro Dries likes & participate in real Drupal 8 dev. All skill levels 309-310 FRI 9A-6P
People WILL NOT read your website content, they'll scan it. 7 Tips for Presenting Bulleted Lists in Digital Content
Hey @DrupalConNA - @Trinity_U @imagex_media really got into the spirit of Baltimore. You can only ask questions whe…
A good breakdown of responisve navigation patterns, why they work and where you might use them.
Forget about screen size and focus on the psychology behind mobile behaviours.
SPOTTED! #UX fan girl @estum1 giddy with excitement over the topic of personalization @Trinity_U
Standing room only for Bjorn's "This time it's personalized" talk here at #DrupalCon
So #relevant. Curating content isn't just for marketing folks. Learn how education can leverage #curatedcontent
#SEO and #UX have a common goal “to convert end user into a happy customer”
To the suprise of nobody, @jeannabalreira suggested a group activity as part of the presentation @Trinity_U
"Start small but please, just start." Fantastic advice re: #drupal8 from #drupaledu panel #DrupalCon
"#Drupal8 is a different animal - you can't approach migrations like you would with D7" #DrupalCon #highered
"Use WordPress if you want to build a blog. Use Drupal if you want to build a WordPress."
Abandon your silos. The more that SEO, CRO & UX collaborate the greater the ROI
Quality Assurance. Are we doing enough? Are we asking the right questions? Are we catching the right bugs?
Speeding up your MySQL dump/restores with Mydumper Step by Step
There's less than one week to #DrupalCon 2017 and we're jazzed! Come and see us in Baltimore!
ImageX is going to #DrupalCon 2017. Our Sarah Wall will be presenting #managingstress Here's a little preview.
Fact or Fiction? Duplicate content can tank your SEO overnight.
Will some #highereduction institutions lack the agility to meet the growing demand of #genZ?
Time for a change. Family room is going more modern contemporary. @stryla @rodandiane
2 months ago
Drupal 6 is unsupported & 7 EOL will come, time to consider Drupal 8. 12 Reasons to Get Onboard Drupal 8 Ebook here:
Bringing a copywriter in to ‘finesse’ an agreed upon design solution? Maybe the design is more broken than you know?
We've done it again! Another ecstatic client! Thank you @RESolutionsTECH & a huge #kudos to our exceptional team!
The Secret Path To Focused Learning In The Age Of Distraction
Drupal 8.3.0 available. Stable version of BigPipe. Updated CKEditor 4.6 Get Onboard Drupal 8
12 Reasons to Get Onboard Drupal 8. Download the ebook and learn why Drupal 8 is the greatest release of Drupal yet!
We're stoked about DrupalCon 2017! We're presenting at DrupalCon this year. Learn about our speakers & their topics.
Has your site been impacted by a Google update? if you're not using Google Search Console you should be.
The most underestimated SEO strategy? Answers from two digital marketing giants @randfish & @neilpatel
4 Reasons to Use Social Media Listening in Higher Education #hesm #reputationmanagement Are you listening?
Is your website navigation delightful or frustrating? 10 navigation trends & 5 common navigation mistakes.
Great resource to bookmark! Not just best times to post but things to know about each specific platform.
Are technologies like social media changing faster than higher ed organizations can keep up with? @EricStoller
"Play Sand". So cool.
2 months ago
Our yard guard. Don't you dare cross the property line.
2 months ago
Google is making their index of website based on your mobile content. Is this factored into your SEO Strategy? -…
The #bigdata that schools collect can enrich interactions between teacher and student
Tech 'bigwigs' limit screen time for their kids “because we have seen the dangers of technology firsthand” Parents…
Harness social media to create more challenging and stimulating learning environments #hesm #HEmkting -
Fascinating mobile marketing stats like, 70% of consumers delete emails not rendering properly on mobile -
This is short video (5 mins) talking about how machine learning and AI can transform business & healthcare -
Is it fair to assume users on a mobile device will be looking for different information than on a desktop?
Your customers know the answers to a surprising number of your marketing questions. Surveys are a great way to ask -
AI & algorithms as part of the creative process? Here's how 4 agencies are experimenting with it now -
User expectations are high. They want a fully connected and ubiquitous experience. The State of UX in 2017 -
We love education, open source, & stories about how technology can transform education. @ariachernik @ScottWNesbitt
My two Belles. #beautyandthebeast was great.
3 months ago
Deliver data-driven, personalized experiences across any channel or device with your Drupal 8 site -
AB testing ISN'T the first step in landing page optimization. Is your landing page maybe getting mismatched traffic?
The Drupal community is an inclusive one. Here's how it can help your website be more accessible
Dad and daughter date.
3 months ago
Advances in AI are staggering. DeepMind learnt how to become 'highly aggressive to avoid getting it's but kicked!?…
Funny who you meet when you travel. @nerdgrin @catnord does this guy look familiar?
3 months ago
Heatmap report says, 'clickability ISN'T clear'. Flat-design best practices to avoid getting in the way of users.…
Think of personas as a way to reveal user behaviour. When behaviour is revealed & you understand motivation you can impact conversion rates.
Your UX must make visitors feel delighted. If not, they have other choices. Avoid these top 5 UX mistakes. -
Your potential customers will know the difference between being authentic and not. #causemarketing
Think #experimentation when thinking navigation. What's next in the field of UX design? Gesture? Voice? @AWWWARDS
Does the data need a table? Find more effective ways to display & share the information Good reading @CreativeBloq
Fast, effective refresh about asking open & closed ended questions plus cheat sheet for switching your questions up.
References or backlinks to content provide value to the audience. Is your content what people want to reference?
#mustread if content strategy is your thing. @smashingmag posted a most detailed guide to building a content hub
Fielding Questions with @imagex_media Lead Dev, @bryan_sharpe, about his Field Defaults Drupal 8 module
Your site creating cognitive dissonance? @kwhitenton says limit need for mental processing power. So relevant today! //
Poor Customer Experience = Usability FAIL. Why chance it? How can UX help people help themselves on your site?
#contentideation MEGA TIP: learn why & how to mine Google's "People Also Ask" boxes. @BritneyMuller Amazing post!
Home made bread bowl broccoli and cheese soup. Awesome @stryla
3 months ago
We top the Leaders Matrix on @clutch_co Recognition goes to our amazingly talented team & awesome clients. Thanks!
Responsive-first design doesn’t just mean designing for mobile
Does your website need a redesign? Here are five reasons why it might:
Staff augmentation can help your business deliver projects faster -- we look at the pros and cons
There's a plethora of web design trends predicted in 2017. Keep your eye on these 5 key #webdesign trends
This is a great time to do an SEO audit of your website. Have you got these fundamentals covered off?
The girls ventured outside while the boys stayed warm.
4 months ago
Crazy freak snowstorm. Backyard fun. Grass was green 2 days ago.
4 months ago
Website Personalization: are you ready to take your content marketing strategy to the next level?
Native and web apps have their own benefits and costs. We help you decide which one is right for your business
Some old school fun in my long lost #ae86.
5 months ago
Captivating Gray with the Lion King.
5 months ago
Upgrading from Drupal 7 to 8 means 200+ new features for your business. Here's what you need to know:
Is #HigherEd ripe for disruption? K. Canales @LyleEngineering believes so & #Design will be the force to do it!
#personalization is a top 2017 trend & @acquia has a great series on modelling the cost & ROI. A must read series!
Smartphones outsell PC 4-1. 50% of adults own one. Your website must work flawlessly on a phone. 2017 mobile trends.
It's going to happen - you can't avoid it! You will upgrade, or even change to a new CMS. Are you ready?
We're Drupal developers & family people to the core. Protect your children when you're posting images online.
Responsive web design. Not optional. It's required. Here's Forbes list of 2017's most important design trends.
The decline of native advertising, personalized content, artificial intelligence? What does 2017 hold in store?
How does 2017's marketing plan compare to this survey? Does your plan include: digital ads, events, email, social?
Timing is Everything: 7 Tips for Well Timed Content Marketing
Ruby's first ferry ride.
5 months ago
Are you a 'creative'? Learn how analytics data can be a muse to your creativity.
Testing is an integral part of delivery. Without it you can't deliver truly great work.
We have a new employee! Our VP Sales brought his puppy "Gus" to work today
Create content that answers question and provides solutions to what the users is searching for.
Do you consider yourself a highly effective project manager? Here's our list of 12 habits of highly effective PMs.
It's an exciting morning of JIRA process updates and training for the ImageX team!
Did you know Google uses site structure to determine what content is important and what content is less important?
How will Google's Rank Brain & AI impact SEO? For certain keywords are still a fundamental part of the SEO strategy.
Building #Lego with the family. My attempt at a duck-boat with Ruby. #sharechilliwack #rainingoutside
7 months ago
One year later, ImageX still holds the top spot on @clutch_co list of #Drupal development agencies
If you missed our webinar w/ @Trinity_U @acquia yesterday, Use #drupal to enhance the .EDU exp, watch it here:
Our webinar is today at 1pm ET with @acquia @Trinity_U - Using #drupal to enhance the #EDU presence.. Sign up now!
Webinar tomorrow - using Drupal to bring many, disjointed pages into one cohesive user journey f. @acquia @Trinity_U
We're teaming up with @acquia & @Trinity_U to discuss using #Drupal to enhance the .EDU space. Sign up today!…
Our awesome client @zenoss in the news for being a top employer in Austin! Congrats
Imploding Kittens has arrived. @stryla
7 months ago
We're enjoying the local food in Memphis... A lot! BBQ for lunch, BBQ for dinner. #heweb16
Factory brake ducts on my Lexus. That's pretty cool. #gs350fsport
8 months ago
ImageX is pleased to announce the launch of @TrinityWestern new website! Check it out here -->…
Such a nice day to golf. @rodandiane #sharechilliwack
8 months ago
Ruby's Qtip art. So cute. @stryla
8 months ago
Have a Drupal website? Let's explore how to optimize it with SEO best practises #seo #drupal #optimization
#Lego creations by Ruby. #sevenoaks
9 months ago
Rocket is now a beer cat. So funny. #coronaextra
9 months ago
Out for a ride with Ruby. Perfect.
9 months ago
ImageX team road trip with breakfast at a tasty lodge halfway between Kiev and Lviv. #DrupalCamp
#Rainbow literally ended on the road. No pot of gold. Must have been the start of it.
9 months ago
The stairs / elevator at the place I call work. #vancouver #gastown @imagex_media
9 months ago
Chilliwack Lake camping was awesome. The beach is awesome. Great company.
10 months ago
Thinking of Drupal 8? Lots to consider. Let us audit your site to help you decide #drupal
ImageX'ers enjoying lunch outside our DT Van office. We're hiring for #drupal & web talent!
BBQ night at the cabin. #brisket, beans, coleslaw, and corn. #cabinlife @stryla @rodandiane
10 months ago
@stryla and I caught fish for the first time since we were kids. She caught 2, and I caught 1. Super cool. #cabinlife
10 months ago
#neworleans French Quarter day at the cabin. #cafedumonde #beignets & #chicorycoffee.
10 months ago
@rodandiane. Hahahaha #pieface
10 months ago
Ruby and Jasmine on an evening kayak ride @ Kimball Lake. @stryla #cabinlife
11 months ago
Intense Wild Rose Country Rainbow. So much more vivid with our eyes then the camera. #alberta
11 months ago
When life gives you a prickly outside, make yourself beautiful with some style.
11 months ago
When proof reading does not exist. #signfail haha
11 months ago
Garden Life. Peas, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, beans and more.
11 months ago
Friday fun day at ImageX included a visit from our newest family member, Grayson and an intense game of Foosball!
Taking her little brother out for a drive. #cultuslakeadventurepark
11 months ago
#highered Notes & Trends.. Millennial's being unrealistic, #EDU wealth distribution & paid corporate recruiting
Our Client, @SevOneInc Launching Alliance Program with Industry-Leading Technology Providers
Final office push up competition of the week! We had 5 people break their personal records. Well done team!
Sidewalk paleontologist.
11 months ago
Farm life. @debra_percy crafts. Ruby's imagination.
11 months ago
First tomato of Ruby's garden is ready.
12 months ago
Little back yard frisbee action with @clickcritic and kids.
12 months ago
Webinar: "Fostering a healthy relationship with your web partner" featuring @acquia & ImageX #drupal #webagency
On the blog last week, #highered trends, and the value of automated testing in the #webdev process #Drupal
Prickles. #cactus. #osoyoos
1 year ago

In this week's "Higher Education Notes & Trends," predictive behaviour technology, USC's innovative approach to recruiting low-income students and for-profit's face continued downward spiral #highered

How can I make it, then how can I break it? The added value of automated testing in development #drupal

On the blog last week, #highered data/trends, #content driven #UX & herding custom sites back onto your domain

"Content-Driven User Experience" from DrupalCon 2016 in New Orleans, presented by our very own June Parent and Bjorn Thomson Drupal #UX #contentstrategy

On the blog today, new #HigherEducation trends featuring updated student demographic data, innovative teaching practises and new hiring practises for better student outcomes. Check it out!

Just some old men. Photo: @clickcritic
1 year ago

If you missed the #HigherEducation summit at DrupalCon this year, check out this case study we presented with Trinity University: "Herding Trinity Tigers' custom websites back onto their EDU domain"

ImageX was a proud sponsor of Drupal Camp Kyiv this past weekend!

ImageX is pleased to announce the launch of our open-source, Higher Education platform to! OpenEDU is a free Drupal implementation pre-configured to meet the needs of post-secondary schools.

Congrats to our client Trinity University for winning the NCAA Division Three!

Privet muchachas! We’re looking forward to Drupalcamp Kyiv this weekend. Our lead developer Yuriy Gerasimov will be presenting on development testing best practice so be sure to pop in and see him live if you happen to be trekking around Eastern Europe this weekend and looking to learn something new:

Big thank you to the Trinty Western University for the kind gift for the launch of our OpenEDU Higher Ed Drupal Distribution! Very excited to be assisting in launching your new site on OpenEDU soon too!

ImageX COO Gareth Mason discusses building functional and scalable Project Management teams
#trains in our living room. Ruby has built a huge world. #thomasthetrain @stryla @rodandiane
1 year ago

Managing the Creative Process: Building a process to bridge subjective vs objective


Managing the Creative Process: Building process to bridge subjective vs objective design
Ruby made me a necklace.
1 year ago
My new #ddc #draplindesignco book came in. So much awesome in this book.
1 year ago
This place is like the movies. So old and interesting. #neworleans #drupalcon
1 year ago
Mushroom Cheeseburger and baked potato at Port of Call in #neworleans. #drupalcon @drupalcon
1 year ago
It has returned. Meat on meat, with a side of meat. #drupalcon #neworleans
1 year ago
#ramosginfizz at the Ritz Carlton in #neworleans is an interesting and amazing drink. #drupalcon @drupalcon
1 year ago
"Headlines are so important - website's have so much content now the headlines have to inform the user where to spend their time"
"The content audit's best friend is an analytics platform. Good content can be useless if the pathway to it is broken." @CrownedEmpire
"Part of being in this world of #contentmarketing is it is always evolving - measurement is arming yourself to respond to change."
"A website is like a house,it had a fixed address. The stuff inside that makes it a home is the content." @CrownedEmpire #contentmarketing
So much awesome. #neworleans #drupalcon #frenchquarter
1 year ago
Beignets at #cafedumonde in #neworleans #drupalcon
1 year ago
"@Trinity_U faculty love posting research, but will hate you for life if you try to tell them how to publish it"

ImageX & Trinity University about to present at the HigherEd Summit @ DrupalCon New Orleans! We'll be posting the video later today, the presentation is "Herding Trinity's custom sites back onto their EDU domain."

"Higher Education is allergic to mandates. Has to be the carrot approach to adoption." #highered #DrupalCon2016
ImageX is live from #DrupalCon2016! If you're at the HigherEd Summit, come say hi!
Sorry about the sideways video of some street jazz in the French quarter. #drupalcon #neworleans
1 year ago
Gumbo. Po-boy. #cajunseafoodmarket #neworleans #drupalcon
1 year ago
The mighty Mississippi meets Big Oil. #neworleans #drupalcon
1 year ago
Ruby selling cookies and lemonade at our garage sale. #chilliwack
1 year ago
ImageX is pleased to announce that we have climbed to the #1 spot on @clutch_co's ranking of #Drupal Web Agencies

ImageX is pleased to announce we have climbed to the #1 spot on's list of Drupal Web Agencies!

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? It is green all year round. Gets berries in the later summer.
1 year ago
Rocking out to the song from #comrades drift video on the way to work. @angry_earl @ianfournierracing @matrodger_ #seriusxmu
1 year ago

Where Design & Development Meet - Q&A with Lead Front End Dev Trent Stromkins, where he shares his experience coming from a design background and how he applies that to front end development on Drupal

You know you will be missed when your clients send you going away presents! Today is Hayley's last day with ImageX :(
1 year ago
Tiago, one of our lead devs celebrating his Canadian citizenship!
1 year ago
Oh you know, just a friendly office push up competition! We call it, "tough coder."
1 year ago
A coder in training, rocking one of our famous "make code not war" baby t's! #drupal
1 year ago
The ImageX team is happy to finally be on Instagram #webagency #drupal #workfamily
1 year ago
Grayson's first times standing on his own. Captured by @rodandiane today. @stryla
1 year ago

ImageX is proud to announce another client site has launched! Southwestern Adventist University

On the Blog! @glennhilton talks strategies to increase the effectiveness & efficiency of your meetings #agencylife
That time I was at a Macworld with #stevejobs presenting. @tantalus0 #1999
1 year ago

ImageX staff lunch is served! Chef Katherine and Chef John spoil us.

Beer. Schnitzel. Germans. Oh my.
1 year ago
Playing in the sprinkler. @jadeykat @scholz19 brought Aria and she loves sprinklers. @stryla @rodandiane
1 year ago

ImageX is trending! We've jumped into the #2 spot on's leaderboard for Drupal Development Agencies. Check it out!

Backyard fire bowl. Smores. So good. @rodandiane @stryla
1 year ago
Ridiculously cute. Sleeping.
1 year ago
Tough ride home from @mellenger place to ours. Rocket as Ruby is naming him is home. He slept like this most of the ride. @stryla
1 year ago
Grape slurpee is so awesome. Thanks @stryla
1 year ago

ImageX is pleased to announce that in addition to sponsoring DrupalCon New Orleans, our team of experts will also be presenting on various topics!

On the blog this week, two of our best discuss their respective fields, Project Management and QA, and share insights into how they contribute to the success of a web project. Check it out!

The damage so far. #bcstorm #Chilliwack
1 year ago
The Future of Marketing is Personalized - Here’s 5 Web Personalization Tools Worth Checking Out #ux #webdesign
Why Evolution (and not Revolution) is Key to Improving Website Conversions #webstrategy #ux #optimization
Validate and Deliver the Right Design Solutions w/ Real Data from Usability Testing #uxdesign #UX #UserExperience
Making cookies with Ruby while @stryla is at work.
1 year ago
Cuban Sandwich from Bubba's Big Bites in Chilliwack. Holy cow that was delicious. #Chilliwack #sandwich
1 year ago
Can These "Under the Radar" Keyword Tools Help You Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy? #seo #contentmarketing
Our cute Princess Ruby. Already want to go back. #disneyland
1 year ago
Our family friend "Tickle" who has lived in our ensuite since September. Keep on trucking #ladybug.
1 year ago
Ruby enjoying Balboa Park in San Diego. She is so funny some times.
1 year ago
Hodad's Bacon Cheeseburger in Ocean Beach. Wow that thing was amazing. The strawberry milkshake was the best I have ever had as well.
1 year ago
Radiator Springs is so awesome at night.
1 year ago
@stryla and Ruby with Radiator Springs at night. So cool.
1 year ago
Corn Dog. Disney California Adventure. @stryla
1 year ago
Tough day. Disneyland. @stryla
1 year ago
Smolder. @Stryla Disneland.
1 year ago
Monty Cristo Sandwich. Cafe Orleans Disneyland. This was amazing and would be ridiculous if it was not shared. @stryla
1 year ago
@stryla would not wait. Pomme frites at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland. So good.