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Introduction to Romance Linguistics

A study of the science of language as it applies to those tongues having their origin in spoken Latin, principally French, Italian, Portuguese, Rumanian, and Spanish. Attention will be given both to historical developments and to the current situations of such languages.


Course Faculty


Section ID Faculty Member Location Schedule
3371-FALL-16 Gareth Mason, Ph.D SWB-2 RM-102 M 9AM
3371-WINTER-02 Gareth Mason, Ph.D SWB-2 RM-202 w-9am
3371-FALL-02 Jose Gonzales, Ph.D SWB-2 RM-103 W 9am
3371-WINTER-01 Jose Gonzales, Ph.D EWB-2 RM-204 Th 11am