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Fundamentals of Information Systems

Systems theory, information quality, decision making, and the organizational role of information systems are introduced. Information technology including computing and telecommunications systems, are stressed. Concepts of organizations, information systems growth, and process improvements are introduced.


Course Faculty


Section ID Faculty Member Location Schedule
2301-FALL-1 Samuel Brown, Ph.D EWB-2 RM-234 T/Th 4-5PM
2301-FALL-2 Elaine Bolton, Ph.D NSB-1 RM222 W/Fr 9:30-10:30AM
2301-SUMMER 01 Elaine Bolton, Ph.D NWB-2 RM233 Th/F 10-11AM
2301-WINTER-1 Samuel Brown, Ph.D West B-1 RM 110 W 10AM & M 9AM