OpenEDU is an implementation of Drupal, an open-source website content management system (CMS) specifically crafted for Higher Education institutions. It has been designed to support the need for flexible, yet cohesive branding across a complex university structure of colleges, schools, and programs. With this modular Drupal framework, individual departments in a university can maintain their own goals, messages, student targets, budgets, and decision-making structures, without needing to fund or maintain multiple websites.

Project Information

OpenEDU is the brainchild of ImageX, an award winning Drupal web agency based out of Vancouver, BC. OpenEDU represents the research and work of dozens of higher education web implementations on the Drupal CMS over the past 10 years. Contributing institutions include Stanford University, Indiana State University, Trinity University, Trinity Western University, Ambrose College and Arizona State University to name just a few.

You can learn more about OpenEDU at, or download your own version for free from It is our sincere hope that your organization benefits from the years of effort that we have put into OpenEDU.

Contact Information

If you'd like to learn more about OpenEDU, or have a project you think it might be a good fit for and need support, please fill out the form below and an EDU expert from ImageX will contact you shortly.

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